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I have used several of Victoria’s programs, but the first one that I used still stands out and has benefited me the most in my life of personal growth was about forgiveness and healing. It help me to get in touch with my emotions and overcome anger and resentment. I was able to get a more clear picture of true forgiveness and healing. It helped me move passed a lot of pain in my life. I have used other programs to much success, but the forgiveness and healing got me onto a road of recovery. Thanks Victoria for your beautiful work and sincere approach

-Peggy Rice, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I listen to the program more than once a day?
Yes. A few sample listening schedules have been provided in the booklet that came with this program.  Please check those out in your download package to create maximum benefits. 

Q: When is the best time to listen to the program?
Morning is the best time, however if that is not a good time for you to build a consistent habit, it's best to pick a time you like best and listen to it at that same time every day. 

Q: What if I fall asleep during the program?
It's very common to fall asleep, however for best results, you should remained in a relaxed and somewhat aware state.
Q: How do I download the files to my computer?
To download the file, you have to “right-click” on the hyperlink, and select one of the following (depending on your operating system and web-browser): “Save As”, “Save Target As”, or “Download Linked File As.”

Q:  When will I be getting my CD's in the Mail?
As we have mentioned in our advertising, these are instantly downloadable and nothing is being sent to you physically.  Simply follow the easy download instructions and you'll have immediate access to the program.
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